2012 Real Estate Market Outlook

Now that 2011 is behind us we can look back with 20/20 vision and comment on the Real Estate market results. And with this clarity I can say that things turned out as expected. Sales, Prices and Inventory and most other trackable results all show us the trend of the RE market skipping along the bottom, establishing a firm base for 2012’s market to rebound off. So with the predictability of the 2011 market, brings an even better vision of the 2012 market and how things will unfold. I see continued low interest rates, a gradual loosing of lending restrictions, an uptick in home values and sales volume. A broad based sense that the worse is behind us and a gradual improvement of the entire Real Estate industry will provide a strong and stable foundation for a lengthy and very long term recovery. 2012 is truly a time to buy and sell. A time to buy to benefit from the increased equity due to rising home prices, and to sell to benefit from multiple offer competition and reduced days on the market, allowing for a smoother transition into your next home. So welcome 2012, and welcome the opportunity that it brings. Seize the day! Call me at 941/822-2866